In The Cross


(An infusion of heavenly sweetness)


In the cross holds a message, of salvation for eternity

In the cross is protection, from all your enemies

In the cross is mercy itself, lift it high each day

In the cross is forgiveness, as we ponder it and pray


In the cross is our hope, eternal life there is found

In the cross is suffering love, it leads us heaven bound

In the cross darkness vanishes hold the light in your hand

In the cross there is strength, to fight hatred in this land


In the cross is the proof, that God is truth and love

In the cross is a sign of redemption, a gift from up above

In the cross is a sign of great Joy, happiness and peace

In the cross is found a love that will never end or cease


In the cross is wisdom, courage and peace of mind

In the cross is virtue, to help you be patient and be kind

In the cross is perfection, in it the way is clearly seen

In the cross when troubled comes, on it we can lean


In the cross 2000 years ago Jesus died died for me and you

In the cross tells the stories of Christmas day and Easter too

In the cross holds histories story no one can deny it is true

Take up Thy cross and follow the way, love is calling you


“Yes” in the cross , the purpose of life and death unfolds

In the cross is the knowledge, that we are precious as gold

Look at the cross, may it reminder you, each and every day

Carry it, wear it, pick it up, it is the truth, life,and the way


By Rose Nadeau written on Dec.5, 2012. from the inspirational

writings Of the Imitation of Christ by Thomas á Kempis: Book 2, Chapter 12
Of the King's High Way of the Holy Cross


Take up therefore thy Cross and follow Jesus (Luke 14:27), and thou shalt go into life everlasting.




Why Oh Why do they not believe

in the king who rules heaven and earth.



Why are they running away from you Lord, why oh why do they run

You who rule heaven and earth you who are king, for everyone

Why do they choose to live in the dark, light to all you bring

Why do they not thank and praise you, why do their hearts not sing


Why Oh Why do they not believe in the king who rules heaven and earth


You Oh Lord are king of heaven and earth when will your children see

When will they realize they are nothing, nothing oh Lord with out thee

You are the only one who promises peace on earth and for all of eternity

You are the king who rules heaven and earth who died for us on Calvary


Why Oh Why do they not believe in the king who rules heaven and earth


Why Oh Lord, why will they not come, with open hearts to receive

Why do they not want a lasting joy, not an empty one, why don't they believe

Why do they keep running Oh Lord, they remain deaf, mute and blind

Why can't they see that you rule heaven and earth you so loving and kind


Why Oh Why do they not believe in the king who rules heaven and earth


Why are so many people turning away and not acknowledge you as their king

Why do they not love you as their King, who came to give them everything

Why can't their hearts be open to believe why can't their eyes truly see

Why do they keep running away and refuse the gifts you bring for eternity


Why Oh Why do they not believe in the king who rules heaven and earth


Why do they run away from the one who shed his blood and died for us all

Why do they turn a deaf ear , you come with peace hope and love in your call

Why can't they see the Bethlehem star that shines in this world so bright

Why Oh Lord You came only to save us, you brought your forgiveness and light


Why, Oh Why do they not believe, in the King who rules heaven and earth


By Rose Nadeau


I wrote this poem on the eve of Dec. 31st. 2012. I was feeling sad because of my own children and many others in this world who do not acknowledge Jesus who came to rule heaven and earth.


Learning to Love All Over Again

Did you feel like a failure , when it comes to being kind and loving others?
Do you feel like you have let God down, along with your sisters and brothers?
Do you want to give up? Do you feel it is impossible to love like God demands?
Are you disappointed, do you want to quiet, you feel you've done all you can?

Well that is OK it is normal to feel bad, when your love sounds like a noisy gong.
But do not give up learn to love all over again, admit when you've done wrong.
Confess to God your sinfulness and try all over again, again, again and again'
You will win the victory just start over and don't feel your attempt is all in vain.

Keep learning to love all over again, admit you need help, never give up the fight.
Admit you need Gods amazing grace you need his wisdom patience and light.
Make amends, start over, it is as simple as that, receive forgiveness when you fail.
God will transform your heart from the inside out, love within you will once again sail.

We must never give up trying no matter how hard or how long it seems to take.
It is God's job to give us a heart transplant, better lovers of us he will make.
He will give us another chance to change, just ask him to come into our heart
God will help us to love others like him, it is his business to give us a new start.

So ask God to change you, surrender and give him everything that lives in you.
Keep praying and asking God to fill you, with his divine love through and through.
You will win the battle against anger resentment jealousy bitterness and greed.
When you humble yourself and admit to the Lord, it is His Love and grace you need.

Rose Nadeau, February 8th. 2012.

Prayer for the Grace to Desire Gods Word


The Beautiful Road


Let your word dwell in me night and day

Lord Jesus send your spirit without delay

A Road of Beauty is my path for endless days

May I hunger for your word and sing your praise


Lord your words are spirit and truth

They are beautiful they are filled with light

Your words are more than silver and gold

More than precious diamonds shining bright


Your words are wisdom and understanding

They plant love and mercy in each heart

They are stronger than precious silver

It is the pathway to life and will never depart


Grant me the grace to hunger for your word

May I desire to meditate on it night and day

Grant me the grace to keep thirsting for you

You light the trail on that most beautiful way


Let me not waste time, may I spend it with you

I would rather be nowhere else but at your side

I need you, I want you, I want to love you more

Under your wings day and night I want to hide


I can not live with out you with out you I’ll die

I will be alone forever with out you I will cry

I want to live in, let your beautiful word dwell in me

Let me hunger for your word that leads to eternity


Come with your wisdom Lord, teach me your path

Show to me Lord, the beautiful road you hath

I love you Jesus let your word bloom in my soul

May your word lead me to heaven tis my #1 goal


By Rose Nadeau

Blessed are those who weep and mourn

their sorrow will turn to joy.


The Cross in the Storms of Sorrow


If the clouds of life bring you sorrow today

Hang tight to Jesus and his cross all the way

God calms every storms of life that blows by

Put your trust in him in every tear drop you cry


Darkness will lift, the sun will once again shine

The rainbow will appear and things will be fine

Just walk in the storm, let God be your guide

He will hold your hand he is close by your side



Give your sorrow to God, he has great love you

Watch him turn black clouds into a beautiful blue

You will look back at the storm, one day you will see

God was in control of things, he didn't abandon thee


Trust in God do not look at the grey clouds in the sky

God is working all things out so wipe your crying eye

God is good, he loves you and knows your every need

God will calm every storm, pray and watch him heed

By Rose Nadeau

Stay Close To the Cross


Let us always stay close to the cross

especially when the road seems long

Let us always stay close to the cross

on the journey keep singing a song


Don't let the cross of suffering stop you from doing any good on the way

Don't let the cross of failures and disappointments keep from loving each day

Don't let the cross of hardships cause you to turn your cheek and turn back

Don't let the cross of grief keep you from staying on the holy track


Don't let the many crosses in this life stop you, from following Christ the light

Keep up the faith, no matter how heavy your burdens, to the cross hold on tight

Keep smiling, don't let go when troubles come, keep your eyes on the crown

Don't let any pain or suffering, physical or mental, cause you to throw it down


Let us always stay close to the cross

especially when the road seems long

Let us always stay close to the cross

on the journey keep singing a song


When others hurt you turn your cheek, a prayer is what you must say

When others hate you love your enemies in return never, never run away

When others persecute you keep walking with them, walk one more mile

When others insult you don't be sad be strong and keep wearing a smile


Crosses come in so many ways but we are called to carry them every day

We are called to forgive unlimited times we must carry our cross all the way

What ever cross you are called to carry hold tight, God will give you the grace

The weight of each one will be lightened at the glance of Christ bloody face.


Let us always stay close to the cross

Especially when the road seems long

Let us always stay close to the cross

On the journey keep singing a song


Some day you will rise from them all and the victory you will win

God will give you the strength of his spirit that come sfrom within

Christ conquer death even death on the cross this truth never forget

Carry your cross and be not afraid, persevere and you'll never regret

Alleluia , Alleluia , Alleluia


By Rose Nadeau